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Multi-Award-Winning Financial Planner

RI Advice Platinum Award Winner - 2021

The platinum award recognises that we are one of the top 15 practices nationwide across the RI Advice network.

AFA Adviser of the Year (Finalist) - 2019

The AFA recognises advisers who sits at the very pinnacle of their profession through their annual Adviser and Practice of the Year Awards.

IFA Holistic Adviser of the Year (Finalist) - 2019

The ifa showcases and acknowledges leading independent advisers through their annual Excellence Awards. 

Practice of the Year - 2018

Award from RI Advice recognising the best practice of the year.

AFA Adviser of the Year (Finalist) - 2018

The AFA recognises advisers who sits at the very pinnacle of their profession through their annual Adviser and Practice of the Year Awards.

Risk Practice of the Year - 2017

RI Advice Group follows a great tradition of recognising the best performers within its network.

Value of Advice Award (NSW) - 2013

An award from Charter Financial Planning recognising financial advisers who have created positive change in the lives of their clients.

Elliot Watson
Justice of the Peace badge
Tax (financial) adviser 25376621
FPA Aged Care Specialist - Elliot Watson

Elliot Watson is the Managing Partner of Watson Wealth, a highly acclaimed financial firm that has received multiple awards for its excellence.

Elliot is a seasoned Certified Financial Planner (CFP) who has been providing invaluable advice to clients since 2007. His passion lies in helping clients achieve greater enjoyment, freedom, and financial security by creating wealth and minimising risk. Elliot’s vision centers around delivering exceptional and personalised services to clients in the Newcastle and Hunter communities.

Elliot embarked on his career in Newcastle in 2007 and has continuously pursued professional growth. In 2016, he established his own business, which has since experienced significant expansion, with offices located at The Junction (Newcastle), Maitland (HQ), and Singleton. In 2020, Elliot further expanded the firm’s offerings, introducing Watson Mortgages (mortgage broking) and Watson Legal (specialising in aged care, taxation law, and estate planning). To enhance his ability to serve clients comprehensively, Elliot obtained a mortgage broker license in 2022.

Passionate about growing the Watson Wealth group and making a positive impact on the people of the Hunter Valley, Elliot actively seeks talented professionals to join his team. This includes experienced Financial Advisers, Mortgage Brokers, Administrators, as well as aspiring individuals like Trainee Financial Advisers (including profession year candidates) and Junior Mortgage Brokers. Read more about our award-winning team here.

Driven by a commitment to professional and personal development, Elliot consistently seeks new opportunities to expand his knowledge and expertise. He holds the esteemed title of Certified Financial Planner, the highest level of certification in his profession that is internationally recognised.

*Authorised Representative of RI Advice Group.


Elliot’s educational qualifications reflect his dedication to continuous learning:

Bachelor of Economics, University of Newcastle
Advanced Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning), Kaplan
Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning), Kaplan
Certificate IV Finance and Mortgage Broking
Accredited Aged Care Professional
Justice of the Peace

If you’d like to ask Elliot any questions please contact him by phone or email:

Phone: 02 4038 1623

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